Texas Tech University System


Texas Tech University System

Brand Identity Development

Like many universities across the country, Texas Tech was better known for its athletics than its academic traditions. With a fervent culture that regarded its "Double T" athletic mark as the ultimate embodiment of the university experience, SPD recognized the need to invoke the university’s most ancient brand assets in order to reinforce a classic academic experience.

With no brand management program in place, university communication had become littered with more than 200 different logos representing its colleges, schools, departments and programs. The dominance of the athletic mark and themes throughout all communications required a comprehensive solution to establish and manage Texas Tech’s academic identity, advance its unique value propositions and celebrate the entire Texas Tech experience.

A brand platform and visual identity system established long-term guidance, and the “From here, it’s possible” tagline provided a unifying theme with which to reinforce a positive sense of place, opportunity and potential, as well as a culture that fosters personal, academic and professional success.