Sid Richardson Museum


Sid Richardson Museum

Grand Opening and Sustaining Advertising Campaign

Our invitation to audiences to experience and relive the Old West at The Sid Richardson Museum culminated in the campaign tagline, “Where the West rides again.” The tagline identifies both a physical and imaginary destination, inviting the prospective visitor to rediscover and experience the romance and adventure of this period in our nation’s history.

With extremely limited advertising and marketing budgets, the museum needed a communication strategy and plan for ad placements before, during and after the opening, and the associated ad campaign that could be executed efficiently in B&W and four-color, and in a variety of formats.

In response, we proposed more than 30 ad concepts that could either be implemented as all copy or with supporting imagery from the collection. The ads were so well received that the museum selected an exceptionally large number for final development and production in order to amortize expenses across annual marketing budgets for the next three years.