Sid Richardson Museum


Sid Richardson Museum

Identity Development

The "Sid," as it has been affectionately referred to, was undergoing a metamorphosis by the firm of David M. Schwarz Architects, from a sleepy, uninviting storefront on Main Street in Fort Worth, to a classical, turn-of-the-century design with open, luminous galleries, a museum store and offices for the museum and the Sid W. Richardson Foundation. We were commissioned to create the new identity, signage and wayfinding, print collateral and graphic standards for all entities—the museum, the store and the foundation.

When discussing the numerous identity explorations in one of our many development sessions, we all agreed that the final mark, if Sid were here today, would need to be something he would sign his name to. That said, we recalled the correspondence we had seen in the archives between Sid and President Dwight Eisenhower, and the flourish of Sid's signature. The rest is history.