O’s Campus Cafe


O’s Campus Cafe

Branding Campaign

Ron and Peggy Weiss, owners of Jeffrey’s, a four-star white table cloth restaurant, were approached by the University of Texas to open a healthy on-campus cafe. As part of a request by the UT ACES building benefactor, Peter O’Donnel, the new 3-D imaging research facility was required to have a healthy cafe with a private faculty dining room for instructors and visiting dignitaries as an integral part of the master plan. The Weiss’s commissioned SPD to name the cafe, as well as create the identity, graphic standards, signage and interior graphics. The typographic “O” orange was a nod to Mr. O’Donnell, the ubiquitous UT school color and the orange—the quintessential fruit symbol of health and sunshine. The typographic "O" served as a base for a wealth of graphic interpretations that we extended into interior as well as various print collateral and apparel graphic applications.


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