Dixie Chicks


Dixie Chicks


Timing is everything. Just prior to the addition of Natalie Maines to the group and the Chicks' big break signing with Sony, we designed the third Dixie Chicks CD and packaging. It was a great opportunity for both parties in that we wanted an entry into the music industry design space, and they were an up-and-coming band looking for at-cost design. The band was at an identity crossroads with bluegrass and country roots, but more pop or mainstream ambitions. We decided to stay true to their roots and let the elegance of rich black and white photography and beautiful typographic treatments, with subtle, intricate detailing, elevate the genre. We extended the new CD album brand into supporting marketing materials including cassette format applications (remember those?) and apparel.

As compensation for all the work creating the album ID, CD, cassette, book and apparel designs was that they remember us when they got rich and famous. SPD who?